The Siren’s Call 1.3 – The beginning of the end


Scarlett was absorbed with her studies when the class was interrupted by sudden feeling of shaking. It was barely noticeable but looking into her fellow student’s cup she indeed could see ripples on coffee surface.


Many other students stopped taking notes and looked around with startled expressions. Even their teacher paused in her speech, trying to figure out what was going on.

“Can you feel it?” asked someone behind Scarlett’s back.

“Dude, that’s an earthquake or what,” another voice replied.


For a moment no one knew what to do.

“Do not panic, it’s very weak,” the teacher regained her composure and tried to calm her students down and continue the lesson, although she was not sure herself of what to expect. She had never heard of an earthquake in this area before. The university was fairly away from any known tectonically active zones and there were no volcanoes nearby. What could have happened that might have caused this?


The same questions were swarming in Scarlett’s mind as she stared into her laptop screen and checked for any news that could shed some light on the situation.


It was everywhere! The news of Aurora Skies destruction were flooding her news feed with terrifying images of what once was a beautiful environmentally-friendly northern city. Now it was… gone.


Destroyed by the earthquake and the remains washed away by a massive tsunami that followed shortly after. Estimated casualties were counted in hundreds. Scarlett scrolled down the page and saw headlines of another towns from nearby islands and even the closest edge of the mainland being damaged by the quake. Evacuation efforts have been launched attempting to get the survivors off the island.

A quick glance told Scarlett the other students were doing the same as her, not paying much attention to the teacher and instead checking their phones vigorously.

“Oh my God!” a girl next to her cried out, utter shock covering her face as she stared at her phone with wide eyes.


And suddenly, Scarlett saw it too. The newest video update showed the Aurora Island filmed from a drone monitoring the rescue operations, when suddenly – BOOM! A massive explosion torn the whole island to pieces, sending them flying into the air, followed by a burst of lava and black smoke shooting high into the sky, piercing the clouds above as the shockwave sent the drone spinning down to the sea. There the record ended.

Aurora Skies was no more. The whole island ceased to exist as the raging supervolcano bursted into life.


Scarlett was shaken to the core. The Apocalypse was approaching. It was happening right now. The ash will cloud the sky, locking the planet in many years of perpetual winter. The cold, lack of sunlight, toxic fallout and acid rains will devastate and poison the water and flora. Most animal species will go extinct. And humans? What will become of them? Can at least some of them survive, or will their entire civilization become history? What was going to happen to her?


Scarlett felt totally helpless. How she hoped this was just a bad dream, but she knew it wasn’t. Right now most of her classmates weren’t quite aware of the full extent of the disaster. They still viewed it as something too remote to have a direct impact on their lives, and were only moved by fate of poor Aurora Skies citizens who had no chance to save their lives.


In the wake of recent events in Aurora, the class was ended early and the students were released from their duties for the rest of the day. Scalett headed straight back to the Sorority house to catch on some more news. She could still feel the light tremor fading in and out during the afternoon – so strong the eruption was.


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The Siren’s Call 1.2 – Trouble in the north

“I don’t think Scot is right about his theory,” pondered Shannon, thinking out loud.

“No, he is not. He fails to recognize the importance of Henderson–Hasselbalch equation and its limits in that matter,” agreed Scarlett while the two of them walked towards caffeteria. It was a long and tiresome morning in the lab and both young women were looking forward to finally sit down and have a sandwich. And a coffee or two, of course.

“I wonder why he can’t see that his values are likely not fitting the bracket,” Shannon shook her head. “Anyway, have you seen Amil lately? Liz told me she had seen him with that Yuki girl yesterday. Would you believe it?” she chuckled. “Our good old Amil finally got a girlfriend.”

Scarlett raised her brow. “Isn’t he a bit too old for her?”

“Yeah! Crazy, huh? I bet she’s at least fifteen years younger than him.” Shannon rolled her eyes and opened the door as they reached their destination.

They both grabbed their favorite sandwiches and a large cup of organic maui slappucino and claimed an empty table near the counter. Then they proceeded to eat their lunch, continuing the gossip about recent events on the campus.

“Holy shit! You have to see this!” exclaimed Shannon after reading something on her smartphone, shoving it into Scarlett’s face. Scarlett shot her a quick disapproving glance, but looked back at the phone to see what it was about.

The longer she read the more serious her expression was. Finally she raised her eyes and stayed silent for a moment.
“This is not good,” she said eventually. “Not good at all.”

What she had just read was a news report about a series of massive earthquakes in Aurora Skies. They were so strong that pretty much everything there lied in ruins now. The ground was torn apart at several places and the huge cracks swallowed people, cars and sometimes whole houses. Yet the ground was still shaking. People were urged to retreat to the hills as a danger of tsunami wave flooding the whole town arose.

Scarlett knew something about that area because she used to be interested in volcanism and geothermal energy and read a lot about it. There were theories about a massive supervolcano slumbering deep underground, causing all sorts of geological activity in the area. It was never confirmed, although some markers did point to the possibility of it being true, which was rather unsettling.

If it was really true, it could mean the supervolcano is awakening and threatening to erupt. A shiver ran down Scarlett’s spine when she imagined what such an eruption could mean. A large scale devastation. A cataclysm mankind have never experienced before.

“Those poor folks really have it bad,” Shannon said with sympathy. “I can’t imagine being there, or my family.”

“You might not even need to,” muttered Scarlett.

“What do you mean?” asked Shannon, confused. Scarlett looked down at her crimson red fingernails and bit her lip before answering.

“Have you ever heard about Aurorian supervolcano?”

“Not really,” replied Shannon and gave her friend a surprised look.

Scarlett took a few sips from her cup and explained everything. Shannon scratched the back of her head nervously.

“Bullshit,” she finally dismissed the idea, but looked somewhat shaken.

“I hope so,” sighed Scarlett. “I really do…”

The girls then finished their lunch and parted ways to take their classes.

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The Siren’s Call 1.1 – Prologue

Once upon a time a child was born into a wealthy Strontium family. Evan was a renowned scientist working on government-funded top secret projects. Lena was an heiress to an old aristocratic family of Diors. They were living a dream, surrounded by luxury and influential connections. And now they were having a baby girl, who was no ordinary child, as they soon learned.

Scarlett was exceptional. She could read and write and do basic math at the age of two. When she went to school, she was already several grades ahead with her knowledge. Her parents quickly recognized her talents and paid handsomely to let her attend the best private schools to ensure she could properly develop them.

Little Scarlett seemed to have an insatiable hunger for learning. She absorbed knowledge like a sponge is absorbing water. The more she learned, the more she wanted to know. She took part in dozens of competitions and won them all. She was a real prodigy. A miracle child. Her parents were proud.

She was admitted to a prestige Simlius College at the age of 14 to study Science and Medicine under supervision of some of the greatest minds of her era.

At the age of 16, Scarlett earned her first degree, graduating with highest honors.

It was still not enough for her however, so she jumped right back into the academic life and enrolled to study Technology to expand her already very extensive knowledge even further.

Again, she graduated with highest honors just two years later.

Bright future was laying before the young woman. Scarlett was not only exceptionally intelligent, she was also beautiful and witty and didn’t stay away from social gatherings. She definitely wasn’t the socially awkward geeky type, living in a bubble of her own fantasies. On the contrary – despite her busy schedule, she always found time to hang out with fellow students and was a true gem of every company.

After getting her second degree, Scarlett decided to remain at the university and work in their elite research team for developing new medicaments. She also worked part time as a teacher in Science & Medicine major, and to give herself some meaningful break from all the scientific stuff, she enrolled to study Communications just for fun.

Scarlett’s life was as awesome as could be. Before the unthinkable happened…

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Escape to Nowhere – pt.1: Out of the frying pan…


…into the fire.

That was what came to Asla’s mind for at least the hundreth time today. She and her three kids were standing on a sidewalk in front of a small grocery store in a city they had never seen before. She had to pull a bus ticket out of her pocket to remind herself of how that place was even called.


She stuck the ticket back in and wondered if it was really a good idea to get themselves stranded in a strange city with barely 500 simoleons left and no clue what to do next.

It all started when her husband got into trouble with law like many times before. Becca was just a little toddler back then and Asla was working part time in a bar not far away from their home. Jay had always been like that. He was a member of some gang and they were constantly causing troubles in the neighbourhood. She didn’t know what exactly were their activities – and in fact, she didn’t want to know. That day, though, they must have done something worse than usual, because he eventually ended up in prison for two months.

It was a hard time for Asla, but it passed quickly between all the work and other responsibilities. Unfortunately, it changed everything. When Jay was finally released, he quickly grew obsessed with an idea that Asla had been cheating on him while he was in jail. He started to interrogate her, he kept checking her phone, he followed her on a street. He was also fired from his job and struggled to find a new one, so he started drinking way more than usual. And then the beating started.


Their arguments were always wild, but since he returned from prison, he always ended up beating Asla and humiliating her with extremely nasty words. He eventually calmed down a little after finding a new job, but his shifts were long and the money was pitiful so he soon returned to drinking and beating his wife to let off steam.
Poor Asla tried to speak up once and threatened to leave him, but it didn’t end well. Dark brown bruises on her neck from his fingers were a good enough reminder for her not to ever bring that subject up again.

“You will try that, you bitch, and I will kill you,” Jay hissed into her ear while she was helplessly gasping for air under his strong hands.

Despite his threats, she never stopped thinking about running away. The problem was she had nowhere to go and she couldn’t leave her children behind. She couldn’t turn him to police because those goons from his gang would surely make her pay for it.

Eight years later, after another bad beating, Jay headed to work and Asla was crying in their bedroom. She could hear her oldest daughter, Edna, shouting at her dad as he was passing around her, calling him “sick bastard” and “disgusting son of a bitch”. Edna was a stubborn, fearless girl, who always went ahead to tell her father what she thought about his ways. Needless to say it usually resulted in her being beaten as well, though it never stopped her from doing it again next time. A loud sound of slamming door told Asla that Jay was probably finally out and soon the bedroom door opened and Edna walked in, angrily rubbing her cheek and hateful sparks in her eyes.

“Mom, can’t we just leave already?”


“But where should we go?” asked Asla, wiping tears from her eyes.

“Anywhere. I don’t care. As long as it’s far away from here.” Edna’s hazel eyes were fixed on her mother’s face.

“I am… not sure, honey,” Asla mumbled, unable to look in her daughter’s eyes.

“Look, mom, I can’t take this anymore. You will either get us out of this hell or I’m leaving alone. I’m done with this life. And you should be too.”

Asla finally got a hold of herself and looked at her daughter. She was nearly seventeen and her eyes were burning with determination. Asla knew she was right. They shouldn’t be living like this. Her kids deserved more. She deserved more. But she was so scared to make a leap of faith and run away into the unknown.

“Okay,” she finally decided. “Go pack your stuff. We’re leaving.”

Edna nodded silently and went to her room. Asla didn’t waste any time. She grabbed her old hiking backpack and stuffed some clothes in it. She proceeded to the bathroom to gather some more necessities and then gently knocked on children’s bedroom. Edna was nearly done with packing her belongings. Becca, her younger daughter, was sitting on her bed in her pajamas, staring on her older sister in confusion. Oddly enough, Simon, the youngest of Asla’s children, was still soundly asleep.

“We… are leaving dad, aren’t we?” Becca asked quietly after seeing her mother with a large backpack. She slowly began to realize what was going on.

“Yes, we are,” Asla admitted. “Please, get dressed. I will help you pack your things.”

Becca didn’t say anything, but did what her mother told her. In less that thirty minutes they were all ready in their living room, waiting for a cab. Asla grabbed all money she could find. She even cleaned out Jay’s secret stash. She didn’t have any regrets. The bastard owed her for all the ill treatment he had been giving her and their children. Edna had a little money, too, and even Becca had some in her piggy bank. It was not much, but it will have to do.

The cab driver honked his horn. Asla carefully checked both sides of the street, worried someone from her husband’s gang could see them, but it was still very early in the morning and the street was empty. They quickly got into the cab and headed for a bus station.

“Excuse me, where does this bus go?” Asla asked a driver of the first bus that stopped by the platform they were passing.

“Bridgeport,” the driver replied.

“Uh, right. Thank you. And how far is it?” she asked nervously. The driver gave her a strange look.

“Very far. All the way to the west. Is that all, ma’am? People are waiting.”

“Oh, sure, sorry. Can I have four tickets, please?”

The ride was long and uncomfortable. It took nearly five hours and they were all hungry and stiff from sitting too long. Simon slept through the first half of it, but he was very unhappy for the last hour and other passengers must have hated them for his constant crying. Then finally they reached their destination and found themselves on a sunlit street of a really big city. Skyscrapers were tall, the traffic was thick and the streets were busy. There must have been thousands of sims living in that jungle of concrete. Everyone always rushing, minding their own business. People didn’t know each other. It was, in a way, a perfect place. There was no way Jay could find them here.

Edna sighed and looked at her mother. Simon was fussy in her arms and she was all sweaty from standing in the sun for too long.


“So, what now?” she asked. Asla sighed, too, and snapped out of her thoughts. The deed was done, there was no turning back.

“Let’s buy something to eat. And I will ask around for a job and a place to stay.”

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Hello again

Yeah, I’m still alive. I am officially terrible at keeping the blog running. Sorry 😦 I am determined to fix it a little, as I have a new story to share. I hope I will be able to eventually share those old ones, too. Who knows. Now let’s get to work.

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The Fox Legacy 1.3 – Rags to Riches

Sharon kept getting better with her werewolf abilities and specialised in hunting for gems. It turned out quite profitable when she found a few pieces of tiberium. She let the crystals grow and when they were large enough she sold them for insane amount of money – which suddenly made her one of the richest sims in Sunset Valley.

The first thing she did with her newly acquired money was a complete reconstruction of her house to turn the old and uncomfortable swamp shack into some fine place to live. She also bought a new car to give her life more style. Just as she was dreaming her first dream in her new comfy bed, a burglar broke in and stole her most expensive painting from her bedroom. She woke up only to see him running away. Sharon was furious. She gave out an inhuman scream and turned to her bestial form to chase the bastard and rip his worthless body to pieces. Unfortunately he managed to slip through the safety door of his hideout just in time to leave Sharon furiously run around and howl desperately till the morning. When she woke up next day, she hardly remembered anything from that night and just bought a new super expensive painting to hang in her bedroom.

Sharon took advantage of her financial situation as well as her high position at work to get closer to local celebrities and earn stars on her own. This led to a fateful encounter with Ross Jones, a 3-star celebrity with whom she hopelessly fell in love.

It was soon the time of Sharon’s birthday. She adopted a new cat Freddy. He was quite old but she liked him anyway. She hoped that Lightning might like him too and that there might be some kittens in the house soon.

Sharon's cat Freddy.


I still happen to have Sharon’s remake of Mosquito Cove in my library. It is one of my most favourite reconstructions of base game houses so I am planning to check it for custom content (which I will remove/replace) and upload it so I can share it with you. I will also make a lot of pictures.

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The Fox Legacy 1.2 – The Swamp

Sharon moved in a rather secluded house called ‘Mosquito Cove’, old and shabby dwelling on a swampy lot overgrown with weeds and reeds. Nearest neighbours were far enough so they wouldn’t look in her windows all day long and she would get some time to settle down. It wasn’t easy at first. The house was overrun with cockroaches, moths and various other nasty insects so she spent her first day getting rid of them so she could finally move in. The house was largely unfurnished except for a bunch of most basic items to survive. But hey, it was her very own house and she was going to start a new life here!

She promptly applied for a job in journalism career and got employed as a Paper Girl. Her career progress was very slow at first as she didn’t have much free time or money to buy better stuff. Luckily she had her ‘special abilities’ and during night when the town was asleep she hunted in forests for collectibles and earned some extra money selling them the next day.


Poor Sharon never got much time to participate in popular seasonal activities. She only attended summer and autumn festivals during holidays and she had to leave just before sunset because it was always the full moon so she spent rest of the night hunting in forests.

Upcoming winter brought another problems to her otherwise troubled life. Her cheap fireplace tended to start fires on regular basis and she even nearly lost her life in one such accident. The only good event about that winter was Snow Flake holiday because it finally came out for a different day than the full moon. As soon as Sharon  cleaned the mess from her last fireplace accident she invited some of her friends and colleagues for a gift giving party in her house. The party went very well and her friends brought a lot of delicious food with them.

Despite all the troubles Sharon survived the winter and she finaly managed to make her house suitable enough for another family member to arrive. Just as the last snow melted away Sharon adopted a delightful kitty called Lightning.


And what was the most important, she finally obtained her first celebrity star – which resulted in her being a victim of numerous scandals ever since.

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